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The B.I.Stander Podcast is a local and cultural long conversation podcast serving Bainbridge Island, Washington community.

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Mar 5, 2024

Today we welcome back Bill Marler!

In 1993, Marler represented 9-year-old Brianne Kiner in litigation against Jack in the Box following an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak, securing a $15.6 million settlement.[3] He subsequently directed his practice toward foodborne illness, representing many more people affected by diseases...

May 31, 2022

Today we welcome back:


Greg is running across America to raise awareness about mental health.  We catch up to him early in the morning before he starts running for 10 plus hours, which he has done for the last 30 plus days!  Learn about all the incredible things Greg does:

Apr 19, 2022

Today we welcome: Jim Halbrook

Jim has been an eco warrior to slow growth on Beautiful Bainbridge Island for 4 years.  Protesting growth the causes damage to the eco systems on Bainbridge Island.

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Mar 8, 2022

Today we welcome:

Bill Werlin - Co- Founder Hear Here

The Joy of Discovery
Once you're bitten by the Joy of Discovery, travel to both new places and old favorites become ingrained in one's psyche. When you think of it, why do people travel? It's that interest in seeing new places, having new experiences, and learning...