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The B.I.Stander Podcast is a local and cultural long conversation podcast serving Bainbridge Island, Washington community.

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Feb 21, 2024

Today we welcome Cory Bennett

C.Bennett | Iconic Neo-Pop Artist | b. 1986

“Iconic Neo-POP”, artist C.Bennett combines pop themes, iconic images and neo-expressionist techniques to produce work that is wary of modern society.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV he has his own unique style of art that combines an urban “street” style with the use of found-media, providing the artist with an endless supply of complex and relevant subject matter. each painting allows the viewer to step into a nostalgic dream and the creative mind of the artist.

“My artistic message is without judgment — both the outwardly obvious interpretation and the more subtle critical interpretation are equally valid. Rather, I intend my work simply as an exploration of dichotomy and an exercise in encouraging viewers to recognize the duality of all things.”

C.Bennett studied at CalPoly San Luis Obispo and graduated with a Graphic communications degree in 2009. He has participated in art events worldwide. From Art Basel Miami to Art Basel Shanghai. He had his first museum showing at Coral Spring Museum of Art in 2017. He has created stunning large scale murals along the West Coast. Anyone who has met Bennett knows of his glowing personality focused on spreading positivity through art.


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