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The B.I.Stander Podcast is a local and cultural long conversation podcast serving Bainbridge Island, Washington community.

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Oct 27, 2017

The B.I.Stander Podcast

The B.I.STANDER is a great conversational podcast unique to Bainbridge Island and Seattle that covers culture, current events, sports, technology, politics, island activities, environment, quality of life issues, wellness and just about everything else.

This episode we welcome Will Lawerence-Grant to the podcast.

Today we talk to Will Lawerence-Grant regarding the recent win in the Caputo Pizza & Pasta Cup.

That's A Some Pizza!

Bainbridge Island tradition since 1984!

  Owned and operated by the Grant family since August 7, 1984. We are the oldest continuously run restaurant on Bainbridge Island! 

    From day one we have used a 120 year old sourdough starter from the Klondike Gold Rush to make a unique sourdough crust that can not be found anywhere else in the world!

     As of October 18th 2017 we are one of the top rated Pizzerias in the Nation! Owner Will Grant brought home the first place trophy in Non-traditional pizza and Manager Allen Raymond took home second place in traditional pizza at the prestigious Caputo Cup competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey! 

The pizza gods have spoken, they love our Sourdough pizza! So, come by and try some of the best pizza in the Nation!

Find out more about Will at 

Please note that your Host Timothy Self is a work in progress.  The intent is to introduce interesting people, ideas, and conversations.  We are not perfect and that's OK!


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That's a Some Pizza

A Bainbridge Island tradition since 1984

Owned & Operated by The Grant Family - They are the oldest restaurant on Bainbridge Island!

Since day one the have used 120 year old sourdough starter from the Klondike gold rush to make a unique sourdough crust that can not be found anywhere else in the world!

Each week they make over 2,000 pounds of sourdough and shred 500 pounds of cheese.  Hungry? Call them now @ 206-842-2292 or order online at


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