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The B.I.Stander Podcast is a local and cultural long conversation podcast serving Bainbridge Island, Washington community.

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Aug 23, 2019

Today we talk to Bainbridge Island council member Leslie Schneider 

About Councilmember Leslie Schneider

She has been an active advocate for sustainability and local economy since 1992 when I started volunteering for Sustainable Seattle and later for the Business Alliance for Local Living Economy. I love how the design of physical space can encourage the growth of relationships in a community. To live in deeper community with neighbors, I was a founding member of Jackson Place Cohousing (JPC). I had many leadership roles in the development and construction of JPC’s 27 condominium units and common spaces, located just southeast of downtown Seattle, and I lived there for 8 years until moving to Bainbridge Island. I volunteered for the Pomegranate Center (“Strengthening communities through collaborative placemaking”). I even went all the way to New York City to take a workshop on “How to turn a place around,” from one of my favorite organizations, the Project For Public Spaces. I visit City Repair projects in Portland, Oregon and have participated recently in that organization’s annual Village Building Convergence.

I moved to Bainbridge Island in 2009. My son started at Woodward Middle School, enjoyed a couple years at Eagle Harbor High School, and graduated from Bainbridge High School in 2015. I started a coworking business called OfficeXpats with my partner Jason Omens in 2011. OfficeXpats is a shared office space and collaborative hub for independent professionals, and it won the Chamber of Commerce small business of the year award for 2014 for its support of local business and the community. I have also served on the boards of Sustainable Bainbridge and the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation.

My office hours are Mondays, 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the 2nd floor landing in the Bainbridge Pavilion.

The B.I.STANDER Podcast is a conversational podcast unique to Bainbridge Island and Seattle that covers culture, current events, humor, music, sports, technology, politics, island activities, environment, quality of life issues, wellness and just about everything else.

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